Diversity is an eclectic approach, in business, that combines knowledge from diverse cultures to provide superior products and services for consumers. Diversity fuels innovation and gives companies a competitive edge. Investing in diversity benefits the organization as well as the consumer.

Effective communication skills improve productivity, collaboration, customer satisfaction, employee relations, job satisfaction, advancement, and company loyalty.  

The Path to Profitability

English is accepted as the global language of business. The ability to speak English is not enough. People from other countries using the melody, rhythm and speech patterns of their primary language will have an accent.  Companies know that excellent communication skills impact the bottom line.  Some businesses pay for Accent Reduction training for their employees.  Contact your manager.  Accent Reduction is the cost of doing business.  Good Business!

Increased Speech Intelligibility

Reducing an accent is for business, personal and social purposes.  Accent reduction does not take away culture or heritage. The goal is to increase speech intelligibility by modifying the accent.  Be understood.

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Accent Modification

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“It has been a great experience to enjoy virtual sessions with Mary every week. My English pronunciation has significantly improved (67% in four months) and I feel very comfortable when I practice my English pronunciation in public speaking. Thank you, Mary”

– D.V., Global Head of Marketing Excellence, Novartis Oncology. She moved to the United Stated from Mexico.

“Speaking with a reduced accent has helped me communicate better in English with friends, strangers, at home and at work. Improved communication gives added confidence.”

– A.K., Senior Software Engineer from India, living in Omaha, NE

“My long term goal is to have my own engineering company.” His certificate of completion gave him the confidence to move forward with his goals.

– G.K., Civil Engineer, living in Omaha, NE. He came to America from West Africa.

“After completing the Pronouncing English as a Second Language course I can communicate more easily at work, with friends and at social occasions.”

– K.D., Building Services, living in Bellevue, NE. He came to America from Sudan.

“The client's ablility to pronounce English has expanded his confidence and has improved his pronunciation in daily conversations at work.”

– A Client's Manager, Omaha,NE

A benefit from Accent Reduction training for me would be the “ability to open my world both for my personal goal and my work life. My communication skills have helped me when I am speaking with strangers and at work. The program gave me rules to pronounce words correctly.”

– P.G., She moved from Thailand to the United States as an adult. P.G. currently works and attends college.

“Excellent! I enjoyed our time and your knowledge. I appreciate your coaching and help. Thanks, Mary!”

– Omaha, NE Executive who moved to America from India

“I have learned to speak properly with the right words. I am most grateful to my teacher. I enjoyed all of the classes we had. For me the program is excellent.”

– Priest. Fr. E. came from Nigeria to serve in the Archdiocese of Omaha.

“My personal accent reduction goals? I have an accent problem. I want the elderly to understand me. I want to communicate well in English.”

– Omaha, NE Archdiocesan Priest who moved to the United States from India.

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