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Click Here to take the 10 minute free speech screening.  A Speech/Language Pathologist will analyze your pronunciation error patterns and email you the results and recommendations, or contact us.  Is Accent Reduction Training the missing piece?

What Happens Next?

  • First step:  ESL English as a Second Language
  • Next step:  P-ESL Pronouncing English as a Second Language
  • Schedule Compton P-ESL Accent Reduction Training with Underwood Accent Reduction, LLC
  • Individualized 12 week one on one instruction arranged at your convenience
  • Location of training is at the Speech/Language Pathologist’s office or your place of business

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Speech Screening

“Speaking with a reduced accent has helped me communicate better in English with friends, strangers, at home and at work. Improved communication gives added confidence.”

– A.K., Senior Software Engineer from India, living in Omaha, NE

“My long term goal is to have my own engineering company.” His certificate of completion gave him the confidence to move forward with his goals.

– G.K., Civil Engineer, living in Omaha, NE. He came to America from West Africa.

“After completing the Pronouncing English as a Second Language course I can communicate more easily at work, with friends and at social occasions.”

– K.D., Building Services, living in Bellevue, NE. He came to America from Sudan.

“The client's ablility to pronounce English has expanded his confidence and has improved his pronunciation in daily conversations at work.”

– A Client's Manager, Omaha,NE

“Excellent! I enjoyed our time and your knowledge. I appreciate your coaching and help. Thanks, Mary!”

– Omaha, NE Executive who moved to America from India

“My personal accent reduction goals? I have an accent problem. I want the elderly to understand me. I want to communicate well in English.”

– Omaha, NE Archdiocesan Priest

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